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Winner Edition 2014

Top 5 Marketing Book of the Year 2014

1. The Big Lie – Christophe Jouan, Meabh Quoirin and James Murphy


The Big Lie

. . . or interpreting your global customer’s inner life for profit

Christophe Jouan, Meabh Quoirin, James Murphy

The Big Lie is a route to help your business make better decisions

Social conformities and conventions exercise a massive influence over how consumers talk - even to themselves - about their needs and dreams. Consumers need to feel good on two levels – and this leads to something we call the essential duality of really creative 21st century marketing and communications.

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2. Customer CEO – Chuck Wall


Customer CEO

How to Profit from the Power of your Customers 

Chuck Wall

Most companies still operate as if they control their customers. But, in today's market, it's really the other way around. Based on over 100,000 firsthand interviews with customers, Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of your Customers proves that in today's world customers - not CEOs - hold the reins in big business.

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3. The Meaningful Brand – Nigel Hollis


The Meaningful Brand

How Strong Brands make More Money

Niggel Hollis

Why do consumers pay a premium price for a brand? Is it better quality, the look and feel, or is it the brand’s social standing? Author Nigel Hollis believes the answer to all those questions is "yes." Yet the vast majority of brands today trade on past equity and transient buzz. And marketers focus on plan execution rather than creating meaningful differentiation rooted in the brand experience.

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4. Digital State - Simon Pont


Digital State 

How the Internet is Changing Everything 

Simon Pont

What is the Digital State? What is our Digital State of Mind? What does this Digital State mean for brands and for businesses?

Big data, new distribution platforms, content collaboration, geo-targeting, crowdsourcing, viral marketing, mobile apps - the technological revolution has transformed the way society communicates and understands itself, and unleashed a whirlwind of new possibilities for marketers, as well as new risks.

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5. Return on Relationship - Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose

Return on Relationship  

Return on Relationship

Relationships Are the New Currency: Honor Them, Invest in Them, and Start Measuring Your ROR

Ted Rubin, Kathryn Rose

Return on RelationshipTM (ROR), simply put, is the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship, whereas ROI is simple dollars and cents. ROR is the value (both perceived and real) that will accrue over time through loyalty, recommendations and sharing, and is used to define and educate companies, brands, and people about the importance of creating authentic connection, interaction, and engagement.

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